HANKEN means that "spread the achitecture"



To provide products and services that delight our customers. Always interested in new technology, it is thought to be the life force is the source to survive the company.

Continued to challenge that all employees create a new value in accordance with the power now, to maximize the individual's ability, we want to be a company to deliver products and services that satisfy the world.

Board of Commissioner

Nobuo Matsuda

Environment Policy

    • The Company, based on the basic idea of ​​leaving this beautiful planet in the future, all employees, to practice the activities of environmental protection in all workplaces, always products that aim to improve customer satisfaction, and provide the service , and contribute to society.
    • 1. The Company has always pursued new technology-friendly environment, the process, the material, along with the endeavor to provide product development and services, it will strive to prevent pollution and the continuous improvement of the activities related to environmental improvement.
    • 2. The Company is, laws and regulations, including environmental laws and, of course possible to ensure compliance with the other requirements to which we agree, trading partners and, of utmost so that the available safely and with peace of mind for those of our customers all we will effort.
    • 3. Raise the following items as our all employees work activities, and promote and set specific objectives and targets.
    •    (1) To promote the reduction of waste through a bad cut.
    •    (2) To promote the conservation of resources through inventory reduction and 5S activities.
    •    (3) Unreasonable, to promote energy conservation to eliminate waste.
    • 4. Promote environmental education to all employees, to understand the environmental management activities policy, to help in the practice of this activity.
    • 5. This environmental policy, as well as thorough in-house, will strive to collaborate with also published widely outside parties.


  • <企業理念>
    • 当社は、この美しい地球を未来に残すという基本的な考えのもと、全従業員が、全ての職場で環境保全の活動を実践し、常にお客様の満足向上を目指した製品、サービスを提供し、社会に貢献します。
  • <基本方針>
    • 1. 当社は、常に環境にやさしい新しい技術、プロセス、材料を追求し、製品開発・サービスの提供に努めると共に、環境改善に関する活動の継続的改善と汚染の予防に努めます。
    • 2. 当社は、環境関連法を含む法令および、当社が同意するその他の要求事項を確実に順守することは勿論、取引先および、お客様すべての方に安全で安心してご利用いただけるよう最大限の努力をいたします。
    • 3. 当社社員全員が取り組む活動として以下の項目をあげ、具体的な目的・目標を設定し推進します。
    •    (1)不良削減を通じて廃棄物の削減を推進する。
    •    (2)5S活動と在庫削減を通じて省資源を推進する。
    •    (3)ムリ、ムダを無くし省エネルギーを推進する。
    • 4. 全社員に環境教育を推進し、環境管理活動方針を理解させ、本活動の実践に役立てます。
    • 5. 本環境方針は、社内に徹底するとともに、広く社外にも公開し関係者との協業に努めます。

    Management Policy

    • 1. Always care about our employees and their families.
    • 2. Supply satisfying products to the world with our high technologies and development capability.
    • 3. Build our employees’ capability of independent mind and motivations to improve.


    •  1995   :  PT. Hanken Indonesia was established at Jababeka Cikarang Bekasi
    •  1996   :  First Production : Fender, Cover, Muffler, Exhaust Pipe
    •  1999   :  PT. Komatsu Indonesia join as Shareholder
    •  2000   :  Start Business with PT. Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia
    •  2001   :  Start Business with PT. Sakai Indonesia
    •  2002   :  Start Business with PT. Caterpillar Indonesia (formerly PT. Natra Raya)
    •  2002   :  Start Business with PT. Katsushiro Indonesia
    •  2004   :  Start Produce Tank PC200-7 for PT. Komatsu Indonesia
    •  2004   :  Start Produce Tank PC200-7 for Bangkok Komatsu Corp
    •  2005   :  Start Produce Tank PC200-7 for Komatsu America Corp. - CMO
    •  2007   :  Start Produce Tank for Thai Kobelco Contruction Machinery
    •  2008   :  PT. Hanken Indonesia moving to Kawasan MM2100, Cibitung Bekasi
    •  2009   :  Start Produce Tank for Komatsu Hanomag GmbH
    •  2010   :  Start Produce Tank HD 785 for Hanken Works, Japan
    •  2011   :  Start Produce Tank HM 300 for Hanken Works, Japan
    •  2012   :  Start Business with Sumitomo Construction

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